About Me

My Approach

My approach through this website is to provide post market analysis of the Indian stock market through price action analysis of the market

My Story

My journey in the stock market started due to the attraction which the market offered and the freedom which the markets offered. During my initial days in stock market i used to focus only on index option and futures and then gradually i moved on towards stocks and other commodities. I have faced good amount of losses in my beginning days and i have blown my account dry many times as i was trading without charts or indicators, most of my trades were in losses in the beginning then after going through many books and youtube videos i shifted my focus to price action and money management and as i slowly started implementing those methods on my account i could notice the difference in my trading style as i used to place a new trade and i started to compound on my gains which helped me to cut my drawdowns and losses and increase profitability. In this blog/website i will try to help you with the basics of trade management